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  • I seen you've got clean water going into it there.

    I had a water "feature", in the pictures of my back garden it's centre left of the pictures under all the golden and silver/green shrubs.

    It never got any oxygen in it and as the shrubs grew over it, the rain couldn't get into it either. I miss all the frogs and critters that used to visit it.

    • Mr Wing has made a whole recycling and filtering system with a large drum of water that fills itself slowly from clean water as needed. The pump then gets switched on and off with a timer as we don't need to run it all the time and this is expensive, so on it goes and the water gets recycled and comes splashing out of three little waterfalls. I'll post pics of the others but my connection is not allowing me to post pics at the mo. Taking forever. Damn the thing. :(

      Anyway, we used to have fish in the pond but they died off from old age and we have been able to take off the net and now just have it as a little wetland. I agree that the visiting and resident critters are amazing. One can sit and watch them for ages. Very therapeutic.

      We get zillions of toads who come up from the river down the road, so the croaking becomes cacophonous and Mr Wing goes out there at night when they start up and catches them and puts them in a bucket. He then takes them back to the river. They come back. Bloody vicious circle, but it's worth it because you can't hear the TV or yourself think once a multitude of them start croaking. The girls get to stay because they don't croak and they flop about eating slugs and worms. The boys have to go. We leave any that are chosen as mates by the girls so they can fertilize the females. We have been responsible for many tiny troll folk over the years. I suspect most get eaten by birds, but quite a number make it. You can see them come out in summer after a shower of rain and catch flying ants. Amazing to see them leaping up and getting the ants in mid air. Teeny ones and middle sized ones and big ones. You'd never guess they were there until they come out.

      It's astonishing what is hidden in plain sight and if you don't watch the world, it simply passes you by and you remain ignorant of what a marvellous place humanity is messing up.

    • Actually, your post has reminded me of why I have such a terrible slug and snail problem now. When I had the water feature, that attracted the frogs who must have munched on the nasties. But since my water feature is all clogged up now, then the frogs went elsewhere.

      It's a good reminder to create a varied environment in gardens for all manner of things.

      I like croaking, another one of my neighbours hates frogs so whenever they heard them, they would go away. :)

    • Where I am, frogs are musical little croakers. Our toads, on the other hand are like bassoons on steroids. They have to go.

    • Perhaps once your internet connection is sorted out, you could post a small clip in the gardening thread. Sounds intriguing. I've only ever heard a maximum of two frogs at once.

    • Will do. I have a lovey toad pic. Just waiting for a gap in the line so I can get an image posted.