Variegated Geranium in white planter

<p>As Little Wing and Jo-G like geraniums, I have some geranium pics to post from my garden, starting with this one.</p>
<p>This is a variegated geranium from the white planter in my back garden. You can see the zoomed out shot of it in the pic "Back View".</p>
<p>We have a few geraniums in my garden.... not my choice. <img src="" alt=":)" class="smiley" srcset=" 2x" height="23">&nbsp;</p>

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  • One of the things I like about geraniums is that they are great value for money. As long as they are dead headed and are watered once in a while they flower from early June until the first frosts.

    • And I try to overwinter mine as well in the greenhouse. They don't all survive, but many do.

    • I just tuck mine up against the house walls and rarely lose more than the odd one.

    • Ok. Might try that with a few this winter and see how it goes. Thanks Jo.