My emerging Sweet Peas

A couple of pics of my sweet peas starting to bloom.

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  • Hello little sweet peas! Wish I could grow them, but mine get overpowered by powdery mildew. We had them when I was a child , Big bunches of glorious sweet peas in a vase.

    • I'm getting the mildew on them already. I've sprayed them with some stuff, so fingers crossed.

      I am surprised I have any plants left. The squirrels repeatedly turfed out them out, and what you see is about half of what was originally planted.

      I will keep posting summer pics throughout your winter, as promised. :)

    • Are those grey squirrels or is it possible that you have a native red one clinging on by the skin of its teeth?

    • Red squirrels....noooo. Never seen one in my life, or likely ever will. Apart from perhaps some part of Northern England, red squirrels can only be found in some parts of Scotland now.

      It's the big American greys that do the damage to my garden.

    • The poor little red squirrel. Such a lovely creature. A national shame that it is almost gone.