Banded Mongoose

At a resort an hour and a half's drive from where I live.

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  • Ah, wow! What a wonderful creature.

    I guess the closet we have to that is squirrels. Are they dangerous, LW? I guess the close up photo, kind of answers that one already.

    • No not dangerous. Amazing creatures. Too cute the way they stand up like that. This one came for some of Mr Wing's roast chicken.

    • Brilliant. As said, the closet we have is the squirrels.

      I hope one day, I could pay a visit to SA.

    • You'd be made most welcome. Millions of visitors pass through the country every year. There's so much to see as there is variation of climate and landscape and wildlife everywhere. Mountains, forests, plains, bush, deserts ... SA has it all. And friendly people. :)