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  • Very imperial looking.

    • They're adorable. I recently painted one in acrylics. :)

    • You should create another album here for your artwork LW, and show-off to the world, well, all 12 of us! ;) Unless, you're doing them to sell, of course.

      You may wish to protect your pictures with a watermark. There is a watermark feature in the software, but I've not used it yet. But we can discuss if you want to go down that road.

    • No prob with the watermark. People steal stuff so often, I just ignore them. I'm used to putting my stuff up on Deviantart where I have an account. They can't steal traditional media work and I always put digital work up in low resolution so printers will cough it out and I don't use the original sizes.

      Thank you for the invite. I'll make an album.

    • Oh Goody.

      Look forward to it. :)

      Wish I could draw and no, I won't be starting a thread up about teaching Horizon to draw. I don't have an artistic bone in me!

    • Art is for everyone. So the viewer is as important as the artist. Same with writing. :)