Wees Rerus resort, Nylstroom, South Africa

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  • Very tranquil. Really like that.

    • The "tree" in the background is the cell phone tower. :D Mr Wing said the food was very good. And the resort was very clean and neat.

    • At least they disguised it! I didn't know. It looks a very nice place.

    • They disguise all our suburban phone towers. Some with cyprus tree foliage and some with palm fronds, etc.

    • What a good idea.

      Along a main road, about a five minute drive from my house, it used to be a picturesque road, despite being a main road, but then a load of Mobile phone towers were installed with large street cabinets to supply with them with electricity and connect them to fibre. Ruined the whole street overnight.

      Your picture shows what can be achieved with a little effort and I can't imagine it cost too much to disguise the tower. Great idea.

    • It certainly helps to get rid of that industrial effect. I can see one from my garden near a school behind our house and that one is disguised as a tall Cyprus.