Heated pools at Wees Gerus resort, Nylstroom, South Africa

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  • That's really nice. Just where I would like to recuperate in.

    Is that open to the public LW, or is it part of a hotel complex? Can you just turn up and have a swim, or do you need to be a member or something?

    Thank you for all the pictures. :)

    • It's a public resort near the little town. You can go camping, or take the the caravan for a weekend, or you can rent a chalet. There are facilities for conferences and for receptions, weddings, barbecues, etc.

      Pensioners get 20% reduction and police pensioners who belong to the widows and orphans fund get 50% off.

      Mr Wing went there on Saturday for his university engineering year of '77 reunion. Some went for Friday to Sunday and stayed over and Mr Wing went for the day on Saturday. Spent the day there and had their reunion supper that evening. Home by 10.30 pm on the highway. :)

      There are a lot of these little resorts all over the place.

    • Glad the pools are heated as its still cold where you are. The people in the pool seem like they are enjoying themselves.

    • I think in summer it will be very full. And much hotter. At the moment there is a cold front in situ. But the peace of winter is still quite charming and the blue sky and stillness typical of the region.

    • I'm looking out of my bedroom window, and right now it is grey, cold and overcast. I'll take your winters any-day! :)

    • Our winters are a draw card for all those suffering from bad weather in winter. Cold at night, sunny by day. And no wind. I will always remember them as kind of crystalline.