This is a fresh water crab from the local river reserve.

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  • I was about to ask whether you dip your toes into local rivers, well, this answers that! :)

    Great set of pics, thanks LW.

    • We have to be careful of dipping in wild waters at shore level because there is bilharzia in SA. So it's best not to.

    • What's bilharzia, LW?

    • A disease spread by water snails in the shallows of certain rivers. Not found in deeper water but the human is a host for the disease after the water snails have put it in the water.

    • I wonder if that's related to the heat you get there, which might create the conditions to spread it.

    • Apparently contamination of rivers by those who have the disease creates the circle of continuous infection. And the snails who carry it are right there in the shallows to pick it up and pass it on. I have often mentioned that if humans could stop using rivers as a toilet, bilharzia might become greatly reduced.