A lovely red one, smaller than the usual gold or blue-green ones.

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  • Wonderful!

    Get these in the UK too, but are the blue/green ones. Never seen a red one until now. :)

    • I hadn't seen a red job before either, until we cut down some branches of a tree and this pretty thing came and sat there on a twig, looking at the pond. Mr Wing says he has seen lots on his cousin's farm.

    • You said your pond attracts all the wildlife, well, there's the proof of that. Stunning critter.

    • I hope she laid eggs in the pond. I'll only be able to tell when the nymphs start getting out and leaving their skins behind on the rocks. Maybe I'll have some ruby red ones zooming about this year.

    • Lucky you if that happens, well, almost lucky.... as long as you don't put your hands on trees, walls, go anywhere near water. I'll gladly take some of your critters, but not all of them!

    • Had my first spider waltzing across the kitchen floor last night. I looked at it by torchlight and decided it looked a bit scary, so it got glassed and put outside.