Love these guys!

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  • Yes, you mentioned these before, they come into your garden. I'm assuming they're not dangerous!

    • They are imports from Asia and live inside the house. Not dangerous. We do have indigenous ones, dark grey with darker grey markings that live outside. I have one living in the pond pump box.

    • What a varied mix of wildlife you have in your country, LW.

      I'll take the plants, Zebras and Mongoose, but not the spiders! You can send the spiders via DHL to my neighbours. ;)

    • Yes the creepy crawlies take some getting used to. Especially after winter when you haven't seen one for a few months and then suddenly, "Hi, I'm back, did you miss me?" :D

    • My response would be: "NO!"

    • I'm dreading the annual appearance in the house of the rain spider. It's huge and it has a habit of visiting us, literally, every summer just before the season starts, like round about now. You look up one day and there it is - perched happily on your fridge or door jamb or just above your headboard. Not venomous or aggressive, but I just can't stand the thing.