Caves of Nazagor

Cover art for Caves of Nazagor, Book II in the series Royal Sagas of Shiz (copyright protected)

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  • The cover says to me "come on in and discover this world." Love it. Great artwork.

    • Thank you. The Knights did go on a Quest into those Caves, to rescue the Princess of Ansalu who has been abducted by the Sorceress Ixticca's warriors and kept to be devoured by sexual torture, brainwashing and final death. Konad, a Knight of the Brotherhood of Light, and his comrades of the Quest, kick her ass and there is a great battle in the streets of Pelgrux, fire bubbling acid weapons and mesmerised acolytes of Ixticca's cult who throw exploding acid bombs at people and set fire to all in their path. The beautiful islands of Mikk are in danger of being consumed by Ixticca's evil, to say nothing of her comrades in arms in renegade cities and brigand outposts who are after world domination by means of the Code of Queson and some unholy alliances.

      But the Goddess Amkala gleams in the souls of her Knights and Bakkar, God of Justice, opens his frozen dungeon to the souls of all who break the beauty of the world on the blades of avarice.