African Wild Dog

Pen and ink and watercolour pencils

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  • Is that your artwork, LW? Stunning. Looks like a photo.

    • It's mine and thank you. :) I'll only put my stuff on this album.

    • Your ability to see and absorb detail is immense, LW.

      I always believe that is the secret to great artists. Not what they do with their hands, but what they see.

      Love it. :)

    • It is rather magical when you get to a certain point in a picture and suddenly you think, "Hello!" and the character or place kind of gels into a thing in itself with a soul. You can get very fond of some of your pictures and don't want them to leave you. I said goodbye to one a couple of weeks ago and I still miss it. :D

    • I'm not surprised. How long, on average, does it take to paint one of them?

    • Depends on size. My wild dog and ellie are on A3 size paper and so from sketch to finished depends on the amount of detail. The wild dog took a few days and the ellie took a week. Nealy went cross-eyed doing the elephant. :D

      I don't do it all in a rush so I can step back and contemplate it and then go back in and put stuff in and then step back again. Lot of chocolate biscuits get consumed during one of these jobs.