On the cusp of Spring

Acrylic on stretched canvas. Painted round the edges so image continues when viewed from an oblique angle.

This is a view of a body of water on a farm in the Senekal district of the Free Sate in South Africa. Just before Spring, when the burnt grass and dry trees are beginning to awaken.

It's very hard to photograph paintings unless you have all the studio effects and cross lighting, so they never look as they do with your own eyes. I just have to rely on point and click photography and hope for the best. The detail of the strokes and the clarity of colour are sadly damped down in this photo and it's much reduced in size.

Comments 2

  • Just like hair/fur on the dog and elephant, your level of detail in the picture is immense with all those grasses, but my favourite is the rippling water and the reflections in it.

    The painting looks like a photograph and the photo certainly brings out enough details for me.


    • Thank you. I also paint Surreal and primitive style pictures in traditional media and digitally. Will post some.