Digital painting, in Corel Painter.

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  • Absolutely stunning. Looks like something from a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster.

    Perhaps when you get a chance LW, you could describe what you picture depicts.

    To me there seems to be sound waves coming out of the right hand pod, some kind of portal/vortex in the top left. Am I on the right track here, or completely an utterly misreading this?

    • The thing about an image, and art, is that the viewer can see whatever he likes in it as it speaks its own language and that language speaks to the viewer's own experience and imagination. So, despite what the artist might have envisioned, or not, the viewer can see more and differently, if this is how he interprets what he's looking at.

      For me, I imagined a soul pod, that is a capsule that carries or contains a travelling soul. An unborn soul, maybe, or one that is transiting from one incarnation to another.

      The soul is like a seed in the pod-capsule and in my image the capsule is breaking open to allow the soul-seed to leave.

      There is a world nearby, represented by the spinning sphere on the left. The soul is being drawn toward it and I showed this by the "waves" or serial shapes of the soul that indicate this attraction.

      The half pod that formed the top of the capsule is falling away, and drops of the substance that protected the sleeping soul-seed can be seen still clinging to the rim.

    • Incredible, LW. Thanks.