The woman who taught me to cook.

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  • I knew this is a real person the second I saw this picture, going by her face.

    I didn't mention it before, but with your other artwork, which I think as far as people were concerned, were done digitally, you never quite got the faces correct. They looked artificial. Here you have! This face looks real, because it is real. Well done. If you can get faces correct, as you have here, you can do anything as they're the hardest. I gave up art at school for this very reason. I could not do faces at all.

    It's a great picture and as always, you nail shadows, reflections etc easily. :)

    • It isn't necessary to get everything realistically in art. I am not a photo realistic artist so many of my faces and figures will be deliberately distorted or changed or stylised. If one wants photorealism one can just have a photo, but that's just my opinion.

      Anna is also a digital work, on digital watercolor paper. My fantasy portraits are illustrations. It's all art and it runs from realism through abstraction to stylisation. If you want to study art you have to comprehend and experiment with all the genres. You will find your own preferences and style.

      Sorry you gave up art at school. Maybe you can take up art again?

    • Faces were by far the worst, but nope. sometimes you just have to know when to call it quits.

      We can't all be artists or writers, but for those of us that aren't in that league, we can sit back and enjoy the works of those that are.

      I don't think that people should all be the same. It's good that people have various talents and abilities and I'm lucky to have such talented people here! :)

    • I come across so many different kinds of artist every day. Most of us are anonymous but as a community, we at least have one another and we acknowledge every kind of art form from jewellery making to cake decorating, painting, sculpture, concept creature creation, cartoons ... the arena is so vast now that often artists are just called "creatives".