House Rules

Community Guidelines

We strive to ensure that Forum Box is a constructive and friendly place to discuss a wide variety of topics.

To maintain a positive atmosphere and to promote constructive discussion, we ask that you adhere to the main rules. As well as this, please consider the points below to ensure that the time you spend at Forum Box is both enjoyable and productive for you.

These community guidelines apply to all aspects of Forum Box including: forum posts, blog articles & comments, gallery images, videos & comments, calendar events & comments and conversations.

Contacting Forum Box

If you have any queries or comments regarding forum operations (including technical issues), please make use of the Help and Feedback forum or contact us form.

Every message is reviewed and we appreciate your feedback. Please be sure to include as much information as possible including URLs of the content to which you are referring and details of any error messages which may be showing on-screen.

Dealing with Inappropriate Content

Post Reporting

The forum is predominantly reactively moderated and we ask that forum members notify us of any inappropriate posts by clicking the Report Content button next to the post/image/blog article/calender event and comment in question. Please only alert posts which break the community guidelines and not just posts that you disagree with. Please provide any relevant information in the reason for reporting text area.

Please refrain from being overly emotive and using terms such as "Excuse me?!?! I've been banned for less!" - the key to effective alerting is to be clear and concise while supplying as much contextual information as possible. Abuse of the alert feature - whether for nonsensical reports or excessive use - can result in posting privileges being revoked.

Further, please don't 'add fuel to the fire' by saying "I've reported you!" or "I got <forum member Z> banned".


You can also add users to your ignore list which will prevent you from seeing any of their posts and messages they may send you. Please alert and ignore when you see a bad post.

The Rules

1.5 - Posting personal information

For your own safety, please do not reveal your personal information on the forums. This includes your full name, email address, post codes, home address or phone numbers.

2.0 - Copyright

Do not reproduce complete texts/images to which you do not own the copyright. When linking to articles elsewhere on the Internet, you can quote the first few lines and then provide a link to the content in full. If quoting other media, be sure to cite your source.

2.17 - Offensive Material

You must not post messages that are vulgar, crude, sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise offensive. We will not tolerate offensive, immature or unconstructive postings.

Our aim is to make each of our members feel welcome. Racism, homophobia and sexism towards other members have no place on our forums and will be dealt with swiftly.

2.17 - Pornographic images/adult material

Do not post porn or other adult material on this site. Posts containing links to adult content are also not tolerated.

2.17 - Illegal activity

Discussions regarding illegal activities on not permitted on Forum Box. Examples include how to watch a paid streaming service for free, or how to make a bomb.

2.18 - Baiting

Don't wind people up to try to get them to say something in violation of the Terms and Conditions. It's obvious to other users and to us, doesn't work (we evaluate other posts and wider context when dealing with alerts), and backfires.

2.3 - Privacy

Do not post personal email addresses, telephone numbers or other personal information on the forums. General contact information (that displayed on a company's 'Contact Us' page, for example) is fine.

'Try emailing [email protected] and see if they can help you!' is not.

2.9 - Advertising, External Links & Surveys

We only permit links to third-party sites when they are relevant to ongoing discussion. Any Users posting URLs of sites excessively or in a way which could be construed as advertising are liable to have their right to post removed. If you wish to discuss advertising solutions, please visit view our advertising contacts.

Due to the amount of students registering to post their dissertation questions or surveys, we no longer permit these and they will be removed as they don't promote any discussion.

2.9 - Potential Libel

Do not post libellous or defamatory comments.

2.9 - Respect

While you are of course welcome to disagree with other members, we will not tolerate posts which insult, belittle, bait or otherwise antagonise forum members. This includes posts which disrespectfully label others posters as 'fanboys', 'haters' or similar.

2.9 - Profanity

We have a language filter in place which should block terms deemed too offensive for use. Evading this filter by masking letters with an asterisk, reversing letter order or substituting numbers for letters will likely result in a ban. Swearing at people or groups is not permitted.

'May have had a little too much to drink last night. I feel like shit!' would be fine. Posts such as 'You're a w*nker, I hate you!' and 'That makes no sense, piss off!' are not.

Premium phone numbers

Due to ICSTIS regulations we are unable to permit the publication of premium rate numbers on the forum. Please do not go around the filter to post these.

Disruption: Spoilers

Please be mindful of other forum members who may be trying to avoid spoilers. You may encase your post in tags where appropriate. Ignoring 'no spoilers' or ' pace' in thread titles is considered disruptive and will be dealt with as such.

Disruption: Multiple Accounts

We allow one account per person. If there is more than one person using your computer or network to access the Digital Spy forums, please contact us so as to avoid any confusion further down the line. Registering an account after having been banned (temporarily or permanently) is not permitted and will result in all linked accounts being terminated.

Disruption: Appreciation Threads

Appreciation threads are designed to allow fans of a particular subject to engage in positive and light-hearted discussion of a subject. Negative posts in an appreciation thread are considered off-topic and will be removed. If you wish to discuss the subject of an appreciation thread you are welcome to post constructive negative comments in a separate thread.

Disruption: Bumping

Posting in old threads with little reason to do so is considered disruptive. If a thread has long since died a natural death, a fresh thread should be made if you wish to continue discussion.

Disruption: Unconstructive, off-topic and pointless posts

Unconstructive posts are posts that contribute nothing to a thread. This includes:

- Posting "I've sent you a message!" or "Check your PMs!". The forum software will inform the person they have a message. The rest of the forum doesn't need to know about it.

- Commenting on spelling/grammar: we ask that users make the effort to communicate clearly and, so long as posts are understandable, there should be no problem.

Disruption: Proxy Services

We reserve the right to restrict forum access of users accessing Digital Spy via any anonymous proxy services to prevent abuse/ misuse of the site and protect our community.


Third-party Websites

Be mindful of the links that you visit from within posts. We are not responsible nor liable for third-party websites.

Communicate clearly

Try your hardest to communicate clearly: avoid using a large amount of 'txt spk'. We ask that all users post in English.

Duplicate threads and cross-posting

Before creating a new thread please carry out a brief search to see if your contribution could be made to an existing thread. Do not purposely duplicate threads or cross-post to multiple forums.

Post in the appropriate forum

Check that you are posting in the right place. Do not, for example, create a thread regarding Music in the General Discussion forum just because you "want more people to see it".

"Where has my thread gone?" "Why was my post removed?" "Why was I/XX banned?"

These are not questions that can be answered on the forum. Please contact us directly with your query regarding moderation via the link at the bottom of every page.

Posts questioning why other posts have vanished, threads closed or deleted or why users have been banned will be removed as they are unconstructive and only further disrupts threads. Similarly, threads discussing bans and "who reported?" are not tolerated and may result in suspensions.

Game threads

We know that a lot of forum members enjoy playing forum games and we have created subforums across the board where people can do so. The separate forums are in place so that those who do not wish to participate in games do not have to sift through a list of unconstructive or non-topical discussions to find what they are looking for. If you feel there is a particular forum which would benefit from the addition of a gaming subforum, please contact us.

Under 16s

If you are under 16 years of age please obtain the permission of a parent or guardian before you register. Do not reveal any personal information on the forums or via PM including but not limited to surname, telephone number, school name, or email address.

Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to review the terms and conditions and consider how they apply to you when posting. These guidelines are by no means exhaustive and it is expected that this part of the document will grow with time to cover situations which regularly arise. If there is an area of the terms and conditions which you are unsure of, please get in touch via Contact Us and your comments will be passed to the forums manager for consideration.