1. Main Menu

The above picture shows you the Main Menu which consists of seven words. When these words are clicked, you will be taken to separate pages on this site. On the right hand side of the menu are four icons. When these are clicked, various functions and settings and available to members through these icons.

The Main Menu is permanently located at the top of the page regardless of where in the site you are, allowing easy easy to the seven different areas of the site and the four functions.

Here's a description of each Main Menu item:

  • Home - this is the homepage of the site and this is the page you should bookmark in your browser. The purpose of this page is two-fold:
    1. To act as a welcoming page to guests by displaying a greetings message to them and a invitation to join up.
    2. After the greetings message (which is only displayed to guests) is a Twitter like feed of activity from across the site. Items such as forum posts, new pictures posted in the Gallery, or comments made about a Blog article are displayed here. Various other info is displayed like stats about the site and who has liked what also shows here. Think of the lower part of the home page as a bit like your car dashboard. If something is happening on the site, wherever it maybe, it will display here.
  • Help and Info - Contains all the help guides for this site. You're reading one of them now!
  • Forums - contains the Forum List page which contains all the discussion topics on this site.
  • Blogs - members can post their own blogs here which is a bit like having their own mini-sites on Forum Box with the benefit that their blog articles are totally separate from forum discussions.
  • Gallery - Members can create their own albums here and post their own pictures, a bit like Instagram or Snapchat, but on Forum Box instead.
  • Calendar - See who's birthday it is today or see if there is a upcoming event such as a political conference, as but two uses of the calendar.
  • Members - want to find a list of members on Forum Box, or who our staff are? Here's the place to do it, as well as find out which members are online at this site.

To the right of the Members main menu item are the 4 functions as displayed by four icons. Here is a close up picture of them:

If you place your cursor over each icon, its label will pop up reminding you what each icon is. They are, from the left:

  • Control Panel - this is where members can alter the settings for the site, including uploading their avatar/profile picture, adjusting which notifications they wish to see, setting their signature and following or blocking other members, to name just a few of the functions that can be done here.
  • Notifications - this icon looks like a ringing bell and is where your notifications are displayed after setting which ones you want in the Control Panel.
  • Conversations - this icon, which looks like speech bubbles, allows you to access the conversations function so that you can send messages to other members (a bit like email) and engage in conversation with them.
  • Search - this icon, looking like a magnifying glass, is where you search for content on this site.