4. Thread List page

To post messages onto Forum Box you need to post them within existing threads (also called Topics, the terms are used interchangeably)) or create new topics yourself. To access the threads, you need to go into a Thread List page. You get to these pages by clicking on the forums in the Forum List Page, as described earlier in this guide.

Like the Forum Index page, the Thread List page is split into the same two areas. The main Content area containing the threads/topics and the Sidebar on the right. Lets go into the General Discussion forum now and have a closer look around.

In the above picture, the first topic on this page is Horizon's Gardening Topic. To enter the topic and view the discussion and join in the discussion too, if you wish, simply click on the orange words. Remember, all orange writing on this site are links. If you have never entered that topic before, you will be be taken to the first post in the topic.

If there are unread posts in the topic, then the orange words will be in bold

To the left of the orange words are the avatars/profile pictures of the member who created the topic.

(rest of help article coming soon)