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  • Hello Horizon,

    I am writing to try to filter out what it is that has caused 2 /3 of your established members to adopt the high moral stance by personally attacking me (I am NOT offended I simply discuss this observation) Little Wing - Casablanca and now Fidget??

    You will not find anywhere, any comment from me staring to disrespect or insult or name call any member on your site .. EXCEPT I have acted on my right to respond to their snide, insulting comments at me. I surely do have the right to reply when verbally attacked?

    I am happy to leave your forum. I belong to a number of forums and never or rarely receive such egocentric snide comments for opposing arguments to other members. But so as not to "rock the boat" I am happy to depart from your forum and leave the 3 to pat each other on the back.

    I believe in free speech and thus I speak as I find based on honesty and I do NOT seek approval from others. But I find the mindset of said 3 to be perverse. They are literally insulting me yet twist that as me insulting them and they get triggered.. and yet they do not see how they behave.

    I dont want bad feeling, it is not my way.

    If you read all the threads and posts you will NOT ever find that I have started any nastiness. I even offered a truce but Casablanca s reply referred to me as "malignant" a play on my username Mali99 (Muhammad Ali - my hero. Just saying.

    In conclusion. I have no problem departing from your site if this imbues a settled trend. But I have done nothing wrong except robust debate as a thinking adult.

    Thanks for listening


  • Hello and welcome to my site.

    Tell me what you think about it by posting in the feedback section.

    Many thanks!

    • Already I'm thinking of deleting my membership. This forum is a rabble of fascists and while it wouldn't be an issue if they stuck to their own areas of political nazism I am disappointed that you've allowed the thread I started on dance to be quickly trashed by Mali and even one of your moderators.

      Completely irrelevant posts about mini cars, insulting the dance comments with snide, unnecessary remarks about snowflakes and being dished out with bollockings by other members.

      They're spamming the thread and already all those who wanted to post about dance have drifted away. It's not good enough and I'm very disappointed.

      I'm giving this another week and if it goes on I'm off, and I'll be going back to my other forums, linking to this one and telling them it's a bloody mess and to stay away.

      Not happy. Not happy AT ALL.