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    Replied to the thread Transparency in local government.
    I notice nobody on here is talking about the local government elections. I wonder why that might be.

    OK. don't bother. I already know the answers.

    1. Nobody is interested in local government elections.
    2. its just a minor bump in the road
    3. Local…
  • It'sThatGirlAgain

    Replied to the thread The Things They Say.
    OK.... which one of it is you...? Which one of you made this video..?? ^^
  • It'sThatGirlAgain

    Replied to the thread absolutely brilliant news.
    (Quote from Heero Yuy)

    It pretty much means advertising and sponsorship. So, we can look forward to The MacDonalds Coronation of King Charles III. That sort of thing.
    We can also look forward to the sort of State propaganda system that Putin is using…
  • It'sThatGirlAgain

    What is the definition of a gaffe? It's when a politician accidentally speaks the truth.

    Jacob Rees-Mogg recently said that implementing Brexit in full - that is, implementing the post-border checks that his government negotiated and sold to the…
  • It'sThatGirlAgain

    (Quote from OLD BOY)

    India gets what it wants. What does Britain get? More immigration from India and - if the negotiations go as well as Britain is hoping, a massive 0.2% increase on trade for Britain over ten years.

    Wow. What a win for Britain…