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  • Hi there. I think I remember you from DS and quite often you and I were battling to get heard among the staunch lefties who spend the day slagging off the Tories and their supporters. I haven't seen you on there for a while and I won't be able to go on there now since I have been banned. Why? For refusing to condemn Andrew Bridgend as a homophobe until I saw his statement in full and not just a snippet of a comment. I dared to ask for context. I have since found this forum and it's great, feels like a proper, grown up forum. I will come here often as it seems to be growing into something good. After I was jailed on DS in July for making comparisons to racist comments from Diane Abbott to the white Tory who said the "n" word in private, I started my own forum service. Like this one it is growing slowly and we have over 30 members. Not just Tories either. Some of the best left wing posters from DS are there too. MargMck, Luckylegs and Granny McSmith, not to mention Mossy. It would be great to have your input over there too as the more posters we have, the better the debate. I don't miss DS. I really like this place and I also spend time on my own forums. The link is: and of course registering is quick and easy - and free. I look forward to debating with you, and others, without prejudice, on here and hopefully on the forums I have created too. Thanks, see you over there! Or here!

    • I was banned for calling Diane Abbot Jabba the hutt, D'S sucks, let them feel important.

    • Hi there Nigel. Hope you are well. Any thoughts on joining the forum I highlighted in the original message? it really would be nice to have you on board.