What is this site?

Forum Box is a new online community enabling its members to chat about anything they wish, share photos and create their own blogs (articles).

We like to talk about many topics here ranging from politics to television, gardening to history. You name it, there's a topic here for it and if there isn't, why not create one yourself?

How to use the site?

Forum Box is centred around its many threads (or topics) and these threads are organised into forums which can easily be searched to find a topic you are interested in.

To view the topics, click/tap here or on the word Home on the Main Menu at the topic of this page and that will bring you to the main Forum Index page, the heart of this site. From there, select the forum you are interested in and within the forum you will find all the discussion topics.

How do I join in the discussion?

Guests to this site are perfectly free to view all the content we have available here, but if you wish to join in a discussion on Forum Box or participate in some other way like sharing a photo, you will need to become a member. Registration is free and takes seconds, just click/tap here or on the registration button at the top right of this page to begin.

Once you've registered, why don't you introduce yourself to other members of Forum Box by posting a message in the Greetings forum and saying a little about yourself and your interests?

Where do I find all the new stuff here?

If you become a member, you will receive notifications on all new content on this site and these notifications can be fully customised by members. Everyone here, including guests, can also view all new content by going into the Dashboard.

A bit like a car dashboard, you will find lots of stuff here. All the latest discussion posts appear here, as well as new photos uploaded by members, but you will also find other information here like stats for the site.

I need help!

A detailed help guide is being prepared and some of the guide is already available in the Help Guides which is at the bottom of each page on this site.

In additional to the guides, if you want to ask staff members for assistance, just post a message in the Help and Feedback forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

How do I contact the site or find out who owns it?

Have a look at the bottom of the page and you will find links to pages about information on this site, how to contact us, as well as the site rules and privacy policy.


Enjoy the site and thank you for your visit today.